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Lorette Bayle is an award-winning filmmaker who first produced and edited documentaries and PBS programs before directing short films.  She studied Broadcast Journalism at Brigham Young University and Film Directing at the California Institute of The Arts (CalArts).  She has worked for the Sundance Institute and has assisted the producers at American Zoetrope. After CalArts, she worked for FIND on Project/Involve and then for Kodak Motion Picture Film, first running their education programs then working with independent feature filmmakers.  As Kodak’s Studio Features Account Manager, Lorette worked directly with production executives at the major studios including Universal, Sony, Disney, MGM, DreamWorks, Lionsgate and LucasFilm.


Lorette Bayle directing noted actors Katheryn Joosten and Mariann Jean-Baptiste on the set of The Bake Shop Ghost

Lorette Bayle directing noted actors Katheryn Joosten and Marianne  Jean-Baptiste on the set of The Bake Shop Ghost


Bayle just completed Scarlett-Angelina, as part of AFI’s Directing Workshop for Women where she was one of eight women directors chosen for this workshop in 2017.  Her last short, The Bake Shop Ghost, starring two-time Emmy winner Kathryn Joosten and Marianne Jean-Baptiste, screened all over the world, winning over a dozen awards for best short film. It premiered in the opening night showcase of the Seattle International Film Festival and the Rhode Island International Film Festival, where it was awarded the Audience Choice Award.  Also honored with the Best of the Fest Audience Award at Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films. 

A complete list of Awards is found on the AWARDS page.

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